My name is Kurt, the owner of Fishing Forward Outfitters, and I’m so glad you’re here! I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain what this company is all about.

I learned from an early age how to fish for all species, but I am admittedly "a freak" for largemouth and smallmouth bass with an insatiable appetite for tournament fishing. In my professional career, I have experienced all aspects of graphic design, photography, writing and marketing, with most of my years spent in the fishing industry. Back in 2009, I started a blog and a YouTube channel called Fishing Forward as a place where I could use my professional skills to share my passion for fishing.

And, in case you’re curious, the name Fishing Forward started as a simple mantra I would use whenever I was out on the water, to remind myself to maximize my fishing time. When I wondered if the guy in that boat over there was catching more fish than me… keep Fishing Forward. When my confidence was shaken because I lost the lure I caught fish on last week... keep Fishing Forward. When a big fish mysteriously comes unhooked at the side of the boat; when the worst cold-front of the year blows in; when it would be much easier to tell myself "they just aren't biting today"...keep Fishing Forward. It might sound silly but it really helped. 

Over the years since then, my focus has gone back and forth between Fishing Forward and creating marketing campaigns for several other large fishing industry brands. In early 2020, like many people, I was confronted with an opportunity to make some big life changes, so I re-launched the brand with the multi-species fishing lifestyle store you’ve found, FishingForwardOutfitters.com. I recognized that there were plenty fishing tackle and gear manufacturers and also plenty performance clothing brands. I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that allowed hardcore fishing nuts like myself to surround ourselves with a wide variety of high quality, everyday items that express our passion for the sport. Like our motto says, “Fun Fishing Stuff for Serious Fishing Fans”. In other words, we don't take ourselves as seriously as we take our fishing. It's always about having fun. Fishing Forward Outfitters gives me an outlet to design original artwork you can’t find anywhere else and apply it to cool and/or funny, fishing themed apparel, phone cases, mugs, personalized fishing cave artwork, flip-flops and other accessories. I believe the thing that makes it work is that everything at Fishing Forward Outfitters is designed by a hardcore fishing enthusiast who lives a life obsessed with fishing--just like you. Unlike some big corporate brands, I AM the fishing community.

Welcome to Fishing Forward Outfitters!

To send an email: info@fishingforwardoutfitters.com

Our mailing address is:
Fishing Forward, 3418 Middlesboro Ave., Summerville, SC 29485